Well… This is awkward

Almost eight months in the southern lands… And only two posts.


But is not my fault! I just had the most crazy year of my life… I have meet a bunch of amazing people, i discover new things, foods and experiences and… I fell in love.

So just wanna apologize with all my followers for didn’t share this year with y’all. And promise I will share future travels better than i did with this one.

I may post another post or I may no, I honestly don’t know, will see.

Thanks for be there when i wasnt.
Until the next voyage.


One thought on “Well… This is awkward

  1. Little question:

    You will like to keep following my travels aroun the world? If the answer is yes… You will like me to talk about them in this failed blog or in a totally new and update blog?

    Thanks 😀

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