And finally, Alabama.

Hi there.

I finally arrived in the house that will be my home in the next ten months. Yesterday I arrived in the airport and i meet those who be my family in the next ten months.

First days in Alabama..

First days in Alabama..

And they are great. This first hours with my host family was awesome, they make me feel like in my own house, but I could see the first cultural diferences.

For example, I ate pizza at 11:30. And I don’t know yet if it was the breakfast, the dinner or what!

But I will write about cultural diferences another time, now I’m really tired from the trip.

See you!

PD: Remember you can follow my daily adventures in Alabama on my Twitter 🙂


4 thoughts on “And finally, Alabama.

  1. Hi Hope you are settling in well in Alabama and that you will enjoy your stay there. We have moved to spain recently! We are going to travel around Europe in a autocaravana a d also have a blog. Buenos suerte!!

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