Hey world!

Hey out there!

Let me introduce myself, I am TheSpanishBoy, a young student from A Coruña, a little beautifl city in the north of Spain, that weird country, where the most important tradition is “la siesta“.

The nice cit where I live.

A Coruña, Spain.

But I wont live in A Coruña much more time, cause next year I am going to study in a little town in Alabama, in the awesome United States of America.

In this new blog I will share my feelings and opinions about my experiencie with the American Way of life, I will tell you some things that will happen to me an other kind of stuff.

I hope we can enjoy this awesome experiencie together and, if you have any idea or trip for me, please tell me in the coments.At last, sorry for my terrible english :S I’m going to the states for improve my english (Among other things) so I won’t have a pperfect english until my last post.

So I will write a new post in a few days… See you there 🙂



8 thoughts on “Hey world!

  1. Ñe V.

    Yo no me he echado una siesta en mi vida, aparte de que tampoco voy a hablar en inglés. Quiero bacilar a los güiris que vengan por aquí.

    Suerte V., a ver si me trae un souvenir y encuentra un estanque en Alabama.

    • Gracias Aegon 🙂

      Bacila lo que quieras, pero no me los espantes jajaja.

      Y por cierto, he suprimido mi nombre en tu comentario por una cuestión de respeto y privacidad hacia la famiia que me acoje allí, que pronto hablare de ella y no quiero que nadie pueda llegar a saber quienes son.

      Tranquilo, traere más de un souvenir y mi casa esta cerca del Mississippi, creo, así que lagos habra de sobra.

      Un saludo y pasate cuando quieras.

  2. Hello , parts of Alabama can be a little bit intolerant to other races but not all are like that ! Try and speak in English most of the time people get nervous when another language is spoken.

    If someone puts their hand out its customary to shake it.

    Pick up on cultural niches if you haven’t!

    • Hey Gib, thanks for the advice.

      I alredy know that in the south of America were some racial problems in a recent past, but I also knwo that in the town where I’ll live there were other Exchange students before me who had got an amazig year, so I hope everything will be OK.

      Here in Spain we shake the hand with other people everyday, here is a costum too, so I hope I won’t have problem.

      In my last trip to the states I had no problems and I had an amazing time, and I hope this time it’ll be even better 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for my terrible english.

  3. America is a very interesting and beautiful country, with a great history that I encourage you to discover and know. I’m sure that these ten months will be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Try to know and to enjoy to the maximum America and if some day you have a lot of time … always you will be welcome in San Francisco! 😀

    • Thanks man!

      I will love visit San Francisco, but is far way from Alabama D:

      I hope this gonna be an amazing experience 🙂

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